7 Effective SEO Tips for business owners, startups and founders


 In today’s digital era, it has become an absolute must to have a measurable online presence. However, due to fierce competition, it is not that easy anymore.

 But it’s not impossible either. Here are some proven and tested SEO tips, which we want to share with you. 


 1. Informative Content and Updated Website


It is very important for you to maintain your business website. Informative content and updated website can gain you the desired success.

 ·     First and foremost having a catchy domain name is crucial. A domain name which describes your business will give your customers the exact idea about your services or product.

·     Also, your page titles should be crisp & original as well as descriptive. It is necessary to have your contact information on each and every page of the website for easy access and more visibility.

·     To improve your search visibility in the local search, mention all the landmarks near your business area, this will help your business to attract customers from nearby areas as well.


 2. Upgraded UX –


Once your website is ready you would need an enriched user experience (UX). Marketers that optimize the websites for search engines will always improve the UX at the same time, which in return provides better conversions. As per Forrester research- 40% of marketers observed an improvement in conversion rates after adopting or optimizing their SEO process and conversion rates from organic search traffic for these marketers went from as low as 1% to as high as 20%.


  3. Update Your Business Listing on Various Local Listing Websites

You have to ensure consistency and availability of your business’s listing information on various websites if you want to have a measurable ranking.

 ·     Keep a constant check on your contact information and business name, verify your contact details and make sure they are updated and accurate. Delete any duplicate pages.

·     Besides updating your listing, make your listing attractive and informative for your customers with content describing your business like photos, videos, website URLs, etc.

·     Make sure your business is listed in the appropriate category and with relevant keywords.

·     List your business as per its location. If your business is in multiple locations then create location specific pages.

 4. Create a Strong Link Strategy


Create a strong link strategy by linking your websites to other websites, this will help you to build an authentic image. But, don’t link to unrelated websites as it can have a negative effect.

 ·     Use social media to the fullest. Provide links to your social pages. Share the links with your customers while sending emails, newsletters, etc.

·     Take part in promotional activities. Sponsor local events.

·     Link with your nearby businesses like coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.

·     Remember that your link strategy should be authentic. Otherwise, it can do more harm than good.

 5. Ask for reviews & respond to customer inquiries & complaints promptly.



Reverting to your customer’s reviews is a good move. Whether the review is positive or negative, revert with a satisfactory reply. Reviews play a major role in building a brand value of your business.

 •    Ask your customers to leave a review because nowadays 89% of customers see reviews before making a purchase. It also gives you a ranking boost. Also, don’t forget to collect their feedback by making them fill the feedback form while leaving or send them an email regarding the same.

•    Make sure you revert to all the reviews positive or negative. If a review is positive thank your customer and ask them to associate with your business in future and if the review is negative satisfy your customer with a valid reason for their discomfort and ask them to connect to you to bring a solution to their problem.

•    Do not post false reviews because it can create a negative image and reduce your ranking in the search engines results.

 6. Be connected to your customers via social media


Social media is the best and easiest mode of communication to stay connected to your customers. Regularly update your social media pages to improve your search engine rankings. Attract more followers using high quality content.

 ·     Create a strong and effective social media strategy.

·     Regularly update about your new product or services or new offers to attract more viewers.

·     Revert to your viewer’s comments or queries. This will create customer satisfaction and leave a positive impact.

 7. Media coverage


Getting Media coverage from a credible news channel or website will create a long-term and positive impact. It will provide you the level of branding, necessary to establish a business.

 Connect to the local media or blogging website and invite them to your workplace to enjoy your services, it will encourage them to write positive about your business and rate your services. You can send them Press Releases of events conducted by you or you can also invite them to the launch of a new product / service.


 Benefits of effective SEO strategy

 Saving on paid media / ads – Marketers providing overall SEO strategy bear in mind how the collaboration with pad media can be saved on ads spent replacing with organic search capturing more conversions. Our SEO team collaborates with the paid search team in regular meetings to bring two-fold benefits –

1)     Optimize the organic growth

2)     Make the paid search spend more efficient by using the analytics derived from organic campaigns.

Recognize productivity gains. Through the model built by Marketsquads, clients can recognize their productivity gains by monitoring tasks like reporting, personalized dashboard, insight generation and understanding competition. Tools help to automate the SEO process and as a result you will spend less time spent on laborious, excel-based work. As per Forrester research – on average, marketers that adopted an SEO platform reported a reduction of 28 hours per month spent on key SEO tasks.